The Campus:
CampusThe Vidyasagar Primary Teachers Training Institute lays special emphasis on providing the best infrastructure for learning on all its campuses. This Institute provides with spacious buildings to accommodate reception; office; class-rooms; staff-rooms; drawing halls; laboratories; libraries; computer lab; auditorium; conference halls; recreation centres for staff and students; sports rooms; canteens; separate hostel for boys and girls.

This Institute is situated in a pristine location and provides Santiniketan atmosphere for studies. A meaningful leisure time in one's college life is the spent in Library. Library is the temple of learning as observed by our elders. Reading, Referring and Researching makes a person more knowledgeable. The college library offers a wide range of learning resources. Standard text books and books by well-known authors are periodically added, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty. Multiple copies of popular books are provided to make them available to as many students as possible.

Haripada Smriti Chatrabas (Boy's Hostel)
A 2 storied building situated at the right side of the main building covering a total carpet area of around 550 sqmts. Consisting of 26 rooms including 2 halls and sufficient no. of toilets. Common dining space for boys and Girls and Boy's Hostel Super room are attached with the Boy's Hostel.

The Institute has 1 acres well decorated rich campus with 12,000 sq. ft. 3 storied building.

Sl. No. Description No. of Rooms Area (Sq. ft.) Total (Sq. ft.)
1. Lecture Hall 2 1400 2800
2. Activity Room 1 400 400
3. Computer Room 1 650 650
4. Principals' Room 1 250 250
5. Faculty Room 1 1200 1200
6. Office Room 1 250 250
7. Store Room 1 600 600
8. Library Room 1 200 200
9. Reading Room 1 300 300
10. Laboratory Room 1 400 400
11. Student Toilet 4 150 600
12. Staff Toilet 2 150 300
13. College Canteen 1 400 400
14. Play Ground 1 10000 10000
15. Ladies Hostel 1 3000 3000
16. Ladies Hostel Super Room 1 250 250
17. Ladies Common Room + Indoor Games 1 1000 1000
Governing Body of VPTTI
Sl.No. Name Designation
01. Sri Sukumar Chakraborty President
02. Sri Biswanath Bera Vice-President
03. Sri Buddhadeb Maity Secretary
04. Sri Narayan Chandra Maity Representative of Chairman, Purba Medinipur Primary District Council
05. Sri Pratapchandra Maity Treasurer
06. Sri Srikanta Manna Member
07. Sri Tusar Kanti Mandal Member Lecturer
08. Sri Amalendu Ghosh Member Work Asst. Staff
09. Smt. Angur Bala Maity Member Group D Staff

Governing Body of "Sahid Matangini Social Welfare Trust"
Sl.No. Name Designation
01. Sri Sukumar Chakraborty President
02. Sri Biswanath Bera Secretary
03. Sri Pratapchandra Maity Tresurer
04. Sri Sambhunath Sen Member
05. Sri Sudarsan Kr. Bera Member
06. Sri Srikanta Manna Member
07. Sri Madhusudan Bera Member
08. Sri Swapan Kumar Bera Member